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Automatically generates briefing memos and posts in your calendar to read up 5min ahead of the scheduled meetings

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Takes less than a minute to set up. The app will monitor your upcoming meetings and automatically post briefing memos in your calendar 5min ahead.


We use AI tools to focus on the business and financial news. We also optimise to your taste based on what you have opened before.


Impress the people you meet by being knowledgable and prepared. Use what you have read as conversation openers.

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How it works


Give access to your calendar

Sign up with your Google login and give the app access to your calendar by clicking here. You can revoke the access any time.

The access will only be used to scan the events over the next 24 hours and post briefing memos in your calendar (only for you to see). See privacy policy for more details.

Scanning your calendar events

The app will look for email addresses among the invitees or in the event description (must be work email addresses).

You can add made up emails (with the company's domain name) in the event description to trigger the briefing memos (e.g.

Domains are used to identify which companies you are meeting.


Automatically generated briefing events

24 hours ahead of a meeting, the app will post a preliminary briefing memo, 5min ahead of the original event, about the companies you are meeting.

Within a few hours, the preliminary memo will be replaced with the final one, which will be optimised to provide the most relevant content ahead of your meeting.


Try the fully functioning free version or subscribe to a larger and more flexible paid plan. Need more? Drop us an email.

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Briefing in calendar or by email

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Up to 50 briefings per week

Business descrition and news summary

Recommended content for your sales pitch (when available)

Briefing in calendar or by email

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Connect with Gmail / Google Workspace

  • The access is required to auomatically scan your upcoming events and post briefing memos back to your calendar

  • Free version generates up to 5 briefings per week

  • We will never edit any of your own calendar events

  • Check the box allowing to view and edit your calendar events

  • You can revoke the access any time

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